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Chemin Neuf Community



CCN (Communauté "Chemin Neuf")






CCN was created in 1973 in Lyon, France, by a Charismatic Renewal prayer group, at the initiative of the Jesuit priest, Father Laurent Fabre. The Community was recognised that same year by the Archbishop of Lyon, who erected it in 1984 as an association of the faithful. In 1992 the Institut Religieux Clérical de Droit Diocésain was founded in Lyon to take in young people undergoing formation and priests from the Community.



CCN is a Catholic community with an ecumenical vocation which is also open to the faithful from other Churches. It comprises married couples, families, consecrated women and men, priests, who have decided to bear witness together (Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox) to their faith in Jesus Christ, and to work for Christian Unity. The Community is also committed to the instruction of baptised Christians by organising and animating Cana meetings for married couples and families, spiritual retreats, weekend instruction meetings for young people, and training courses for lay people varying from three to 12 months. The spirituality of CCN is imbued with the teachings of St Ignatius Loyola and St Teresa of Avila, and is based on the experience of Charismatic Renewal.



The members of CCN live in neighbourhood fraternities (living in the same neighbourhood) and in life fraternities (living under the same roof). Most of them work in their professions or occupations, while others place themselves full-time at the service of the Church. The Community lives on its work to meet its daily needs and relies on Providence for everything that is needed in order to perform God’s plan in the mission. After three years of discernment, the members opt either for a renewable three-year commitment or for a permanent commitment within the Community, which can only be done after renewing the three-year commitment twice more.



CCN has about a thousand members in 20 countries as follows: Africa (6), Europe (9), Middle East (2), North America (2), and South America (1). Communion du Chemin Neuf revolves around the Community, as an apostolic body comprising over 6,000 people who are committed to supporting the missions.



CCN has set up hostels for students and young workers, a dispensary, outpatient units in Africa, and a religious bookshop. The Community has also been entrusted with numerous parishes (to which it sends priests, families, and consecrated people), and hospital chaplaincies.



Tychique, a two-monthly formation magazine for prayer groups.





Communauté Chemin Neuf

Abbaye d’Hautecombe

73310 Saint Pierre de Curtille - France

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