“Pro Deo et Fratribus - Famiglia di Maria” Association



“Pro Deo et Fratribus - Famiglia di Maria” Association









PDF-FM was founded in 1968 at Sessa Aurunca (Caserta) by Bishop Pavel Hnilica SJ, to generate support for the persecuted Church in Eastern Europe. It was originally known as the Pious Union "Pro Fratribus" until 1993 when it took its present name after receiving canonical recognition by the Roznava diocese in Slovakia. On 25 March 1995 the Pontifical Council for the Laity decreed recognition of "Pro Deo et Fratribus - Famiglia di Maria" as an  international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.



PDF-FM is a spiritual family made up of people of different ages, vocations and states of life who, in the light of the message of Fatima and in a spirit of reparation devote themselves to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception by practising Evangelical witness and charity. The charism of the Association is Marian, priestly, missionary and ecumenical and finds the centre of its unity in love for and fidelity to the Pope. Formation focuses essentially on deepening the spiritual life (through prayer and the sacraments), studying the Magisterium of the Church, with particular attention to the teaching of the Popes and the instructions issued by the local churches within which the Association works, and providing pastoral training (thanks to its experiences in the missionary field, by agreement with the dioceses and parishes). The specific areas of activity of PDF-FM are the new evangelisation (missionary commitment of the members, particularly in the regions of the former Soviet Union), the "ecumenism of charity" (pastoral and charity work), prayer for Christian Unity, and heightening people’s awareness to new evangelisation.



The membership of PDF-FM comprises dedicated members and ordinary members. The dedicated members lead a life of Christian perfection, embracing the Evangelical counsels undertaken through a personal and private commitment in the form of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and as far as possible practising the common life in communities of men or women. The ordinary members take part in the activities of the Association and are committed  to pursuing its specific purposes.



PDF-FM has about 200 dedicated members and 500 ordinary members, and is present in 15 countries as follows: Africa (1), Asia (2), Europe (9), North America (1), Oceania (1), and South America (1).



PDF-FM promotes above all works of charity on behalf of the poorest churches in the territories of the former Soviet Union.



"Trionfo del Cuore", a monthly bulletin published in Italian, French, English, Dutch, Slovak and German.



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