Opening of the cause of beatification for Chiara Lubich

Today, the PCPL wants to remember Chiara Lubich, who was one of the Consultors of the Dicastery for a long time, with a photo from our archives together with saint John Paul II (who was a Consultor of the Dicastery when archbishop of Kracow) taken on May 30th 1998 in st. Peter Square during the First International Meeting of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities.

On January 27, 2015, His Excellency Msgr. Raffaello Martinelli, bishop of Frascati, opened the process of beatification for Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Opus Mariae (Work of Mary) - Focolare Movement. In the diocese of Frascati Chiara spent most of her life and died on March 14, 2008. According to the data given by the Focolare Movement, during the seven years that followed her death, more than 120.000 have visited the sites where she lived and where her mortal remains rest.


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