In honour of two popes who are saints

Women's reflections, testimonies and gratitude

A woman on a journey with John XXIII and John Paul II -- Elisabetta Buscarini

June 1963. In a corner of the room the television had been left on – a rare occurrence. On the screen there was Saint Peter’s Square with throngs of people gathered there to say a final goodbye to Pope John XXIII. I remember the pope’s remains with the waxen face, the voice of the commentator, the words, and probably the expression on the face of my grandmother, my father and my mother when they said, “the pope is dead”. They told me about the way he had shown people how to see Jesus, about his kindness to everyone, and about his caress for children. I was four years old, and everything remained imprinted on my mind. It is one of the earliest memories I have. John XXIII is also imprinted on my heart, like soft wax, making an indelible mark on my life with a special seal. It is grateful love that has been an anchor for me ever since that time. John Paul II came onto the scene when I was in my twenties. He was part of those years of growth and decisions, my journey to adult life. His... Read more

  • La donna nell’insegnamento di Papa Giovanni XXIII e Papa Giovanni Paolo II - Oana Gotia

    Quale luce sulla specificità dell’essere e sul ruolo della donna nella Chiesa e nel mondo ci offrono i due grandi Papi che stanno per essere canonizzati? Giovanni XXIII, che ha convocato il Concilio Vaticano II, e Giovanni Paolo II, il grande “Papa della famiglia”? Entrambi i Pontefici hanno parlato ampiamente sulla donna nei loro insegnamenti, aiutandola a diventare più consapevole della sua chiamata singolare nel mondo. Ecco una breve sintesi... Read more
  • Giovanni Paolo II e la teologia della liberazione della donna -- Maria Teresa Russo

    1. Due Papi, un’unica passione: il valore della persona umana Per indicare i giovani nati intorno al 1989 qualcuno ha coniato il termine di “John Paul II generation”[1]. A circa 25 anni di distanza quella generation, ormai adulta, assiste a una canonizzazione che non è azzardato definire storica sia per la rapidità e il consenso pressoché unanime, sia per l’accostamento di due figure epocali nella storia della Chiesa. E’ infatti fuori... Read more

  • Les cloches carillonneront joyeusement -- Anne Girault

    Le dimanche 27 Avril 2014, sur la place Saint Pierre à Rome, les cloches carillonneront joyeusement. Les bienheureux Jean XXIII et Jean-Paul II seront proclamés saints. Toute l’Eglise jubilera en cette Fête de la Miséricorde: l’Eglise visible sur la Terre et l’Eglise invisible qui est au Ciel. Que signifie, pour l’Église, et en particulier pour les femmes catholiques d’aujourd’hui, la canonisation de ces deux Papes? Mon témoignage est une... Read more
  • Les Papes des grands défis -- Jocelyne Khoueiry

    Face aux grands défis du vingtième siècle et au milieu de mutations scientifiques, culturelles et politiques qui ont secoué ce siècle considéré par certains penseurs comme le siècle de la mort, l’œuvre de l’Esprit Saint a été retentissante à travers l’exemple des deux grands papes dont l’Église proclame la sainteté le 27 avril 2014. La révolution industrielle, les deux Guerres mondiales, avec toutes leurs retombées socioculturelles,... Read more

Magisterium of Saint John XXIII on women

Letter of Pope John XXIII to women religious "Il Tempio Massimo" (July 2, 1962) [English, Italian, Spanish]  Encyclical Letter "Pacem in Terris", by Pope John XXIII (April 11, 1963), nos 9 and 22 [English, French, Italian, Spanish] Address of John XXIII to participants in study seminar on «Women and professional life», organised by "Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore" (September 6, 1961)  [Italian, Spanish] Address of Pope John XXIII to delegates of World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations (3rd May 1961) [Spanish] Address of Pope John XXIII to the participants in the World Young Women's Christian Association (April 23, 1960) [Spanish] Address of John XXIII to the women religious of Rome (January 29, 1960) [Italian, Spanish] Address of Pope John XXIII to the female youth of Catholic Action on the occasion of its 40th anniversary of foundation (January 10,... Read more

Magisterium of Saint John Paul II on women

“Divini amoris scientia” Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face is proclaimed a Doctor of the Universal Church Apostolic Letter of His Holiness Pope John Paul II 19 October 1997 [English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish] Audience of His Holiness John Paul II 29 Novembre 1995 [Italian, Spanish]  To members of the Delegation of the Holy See to the Fourth World Conference on Women 29 August 1995 [English, Italian, Spanish] Angelus of His Holiness John Paul II 9 July 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   16 July 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   23 July 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   30 July 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   6 August 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   13 August 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   15 August 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   20 August 1995 [Italian, Spanish]   27 August... Read more

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