Programa, textos de las ponencias y homilías

Wednesday, September 5

8:00 am Eucharistic Celebration
            Homily by Card. Stanisław Ryłko  English Français | Italiano |

9:15 am Opening ceremony

• Greetings from the local ecclesial and civil authorities

• Keynote address by the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity Card. Stanisław Ryłko
  | Français | Italiano |

11:20 am Lecture: Africa today: social, geopolitical, economic and cultural dimensions, 

                         Prof. Marie-Thérèse Mengue Français |

3:00 pm Lecture: Jesus Christ on African soil: priorities, problems and challenges for the Church in Africa, Bp Barthélemy Adoukonou

5:00 pm Presentations from Africa’s macro-regions:

Experiences, testimonies and reflections regarding the priorities, problems and challenges of evangelization throughout the continent
- Eastern Africa | English |
- Afrique de l'Ouest | Français |
- Afrique Centrale | Français |
- Region des Grands Lacs | Français |
- Região África Austral | Português |

7:00 pm Evening prayer

Thursday, September 6

8:30 am Lecture: The vocation and mission of the lay faithful in the light of the Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici, Bishop Josef Clemens  English |

10:50 am Lecture: Education and training of the lay faithful in Africa from Christian initiation to full maturity, Card. Robert Sarah   | Français |

3:00 pm Panel:3:00 pm Panel: Places of education and Christian formation in Africa, Chair: Beatrice Mary Wairimu Churu   |English|

• The family as the foremost place of Christian formation, Laurent et Marie-Claire Baleba   |Français |
• The parish as the place of Christian initiation and catechesis, Nafi Yacob Beyene   | English |
• The Small Christian Communities as places for deepening and sharing the faith, Bernadette Confe   | Français |
• Catholic schools and universities as places of culture and youth formation,Cristophe Andriantarijaka   | Français

5:00 pm Lecture: Youth: a gift from God and a source of hope for the Church in Africa, Dr Eugénie Tcheugoué

6:10 pm Eucharistic Celebration

Friday, September 7

8:00 am Morning Prayer

8:30 am Lecture: The lay faithful of Africa in the Church family of God: sacrament of communion and reconciliation, Bp Jean Mbarga    | Français |

9:40 am Panel: Catholic laity: partners in building up the ecclesial community

• the lay faithful as active protagonists in the mission (the role of catechists)

• the lay faithful and the inculturation of the Gospel

• the lay faithful at the service of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue

• the challenge of a fruitful collaboration between the laity and clergy

11:50 am Lecture: The appreciation of the role of African women in building up the Christian community and society, Prof. Agnès Avognon Adjaho    Français|

2:30 pm Lecture: Catholic associations, ecclesial movements and new communities

                        Msgr Miguel Delgado Galindo   Français |

3:00 pm Panel: Catholic associations

4:50 pm Panel: Ecclesial movements and new communities

6:30 pm Eucharistic Celebration, Homily by Card. Robert Sarah   | Français |

Saturday, September 8

8:00 am Eucharistic Celebration

9:15 am Lecture: African lay faithful: salt of the earth and light of a new world according to the Apostolic Exhortation Africae Munus, Card. Peter K.A. Turkson   | English |

11:30 am Lecture: Africa faces globalization: the duties of a Christian, Prof. Marguerite A. Peeters    Français |

3:00 pm Panel: The response of the laity to the challenges in Africa today

• work, politics and economy

• culture and social communications

• promoting peace and reconciliation

• service to the poor, migrants and refugees

• defense of human life, responsible stewardship of creation

5:30 pm Conclusion of the Congress

• Concluding words from the President of the PCL Card. Stanisław Ryłko    |Français |   | Italiano |

• Reading of the concluding message of the Congress | English | | French |

7:00 pm Evening Prayer

Sunday, September 9

10:00 am Eucharistic Celebration in the Mvolye Basilica

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